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Headbangers Lab - Jan 28th 2006

Today's show - Headbangers Lab - Jan 28th 2006
skum Love makes a world podcast debute with new track " My Machine" Be sure to check them out at . Here is some info about the bands on today's show, slurpped up from the bands bio pages...

Skum Love
With spiked multi colored hair and
multiple piercings it's obvious he's a self-made freak of nature. The same is true when it comes to his music.
A solo project two and a half years in the making, Skumlove has fought for his place in the music industry while maintaining his unique identity. "I couldn't find anyone
who thought like me and wanted to write good rock music with an electronic twist." And so tired of the LA rock and roll conveyor belt of clone bands, Skum set out on his own. "For ten years I've been creating the kind of music I always wanted to hear."
Influenced by everything from punk rock & metal to electronica, industrial and goth.
Skumlove mixes it all together to produce his own twisted sound. "I love 80s new wave, punk & rock
so I incorporated a little of each and mix it with industrial, electronica and good ol' American EVIL.!" So armed with a sequencer and a radio shack karaoke machine he did just that. "It was a real primitive way of recording but it worked."
On the lyrical side, Skumlove is sick and twisted, Raw and untamed, his words spew forth with such force you can't help but take notice. "I sing about things that move me like sex, perversion, love and hate."
Skum explains with a devilish grin, "I don't sing about politics and such. I find that boring and I wanna have fun with my music. I don't want to change the world. . . I wanna fuck the world."

One person who did take notice of this hard core prodigy was long time friend Glenn Danzig.
"I was working with Glenn in his office when he asked if I knew of a good band
looking for a deal. I mentioned to him that I had been working on my own music,
so I gave him a demo." From the first listen he liked what he heard and agreed to help
me." With Glenn's help, just one year later Skumlove
signed a deal with emerging record label Emagine. "I was
excited to hear that a label was interested in my music."
But as The relationship with Glenn and the label diminished so did Skum's deal.
With Skumlove on the back burner he decided to get out while he still could.
Forced to start over, Skum knew his "do it yourself" approach was the only way to go.
"I was on my own again which was fine." But that didn't last long.

Now its the Devil's turn to play and SKUMLOVE is the Evil of the new millennium...
More info available at:

Taking influence from "Dark-Groove" masters like Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel, and Cathedral... 137 has proven themselves the new kings of the genre. Turn on a blacklight and enjoy. - Cordial Records (

The finest Hillbilly Heavy Metal Art Stoner Cockfight Music from Detroit Michigan via South Texas

Confirmed Kill
Confirmed Kill is an extreme metal band from Buffalo, New York. This group has been together since the fall of 2003. Since then they have lost a singer and gained two guitarists (Adam and Nick). Dan is now the full-time vocalist. Phill continues to grind on the bass and Joe continues to shred the drums.
The overall sound and songwriting approach taken by these musicians has drastically changed since the beginnings of the band. What used to be slower, less complex songs has now turned into fast, technical, brutal music that has the power to make you do unexpected things.

Trauma Concept
Formed in April 2001, Trauma Concept came together for one thing - their love of metal. Ever since, they've become known not only for their "enormously heavy" sound, but for their high intensity shows as well. With members from Texas, New York, and Massachusetts, this Framingham, Ma. based metal band has fused all of their influences into an original, focused, attack. The result is the double bass assault of Derek Jay on drums, the searing vocals of newly added frontman Trey Holton, John Jones' guitar riffs that go from blistering, to down right brutal breakdowns, and Scott Heron delivering an evil, damaging rumble from the bass. Thus, creating their own distinct sound that Boston SoundCheck Magazine describes as "..potent, throbbing, enormously heavy music". Since their debut release, "The End of Denial"(2002) [recorded by Adam D. of KillSwitch Engage (Roadrunner Records artists)], the band has been a non-stop powerhouse, gaining a nationwide fanbase. With performances at large festivals such as GWAR-B-Que (w/Lamb Of God), Milwaukee MetalFest (w/Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nile), & Locobazooka (w/Black Label Society, Hatebreed, Disturbed), Trauma Concept has proven their ability to win over and "own" crowds of any size. Combine these accomplishments with constant touring, and the fact that the band had only been around for a year and a half when these accomplishments were made, and you can plainly see that Trauma Concept is unarguably one of the hardest working bands out there. Surely one to keep your eyes and ears on! With the addition of being part of MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest", the response to the band has been overwhelming, and brought worldwide requests for them to pass through new areas. One thing is for sure - This band will continue to play more shows in a broader area for an increasingly larger audience. Overall, Trauma Concept will prove to you that metal is here, it’s been improved, and there’s no stopping it.

Catch these bands live!!!

Thats all for todays show. If you dig what was played on todays show, go check them out.
The show was a little delayed today, I pulled the show and recorded it again to make sure you got to hear Skum Love here first! I think it was worth the wait.

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