Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Thanks for waiting for the new site to get going, still some bugs but things are falling into place.

Todays show - Guitarshop Asshole, Black math experiment, Mad habit, Saababanks, The facials, Tangaroa, Chub creek and many more. Thanks to Griddle and Jade tree for the back trax. Want your whole cd played on a friday full freakin cd show? If so, send a link to your stuff to newmusiclab@hotmail.com See you show 13!
Simon "Bo-Deen" Smith

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Saturday, November 19, 2005


todays show - FRIDAY FULL FREAKIN' CD SHOW! featuring THE OTTOMAN SOCIETY. thats right playing full cd's on fridays from front to back the whole band served to you on a silver podcast platter. try something different. we are back online at itunes, and our page is back up and running. bands email links to your full cd's to have your band featured on the friday full freakin' cd show! rock on!

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todays show - happy birthday to me! damn im getting old. was going to take the day off but im having too much fun. an email from corporate whore's drummer that made me smile. mad habit makes the very first podcast world premiere today! black furries, black math experiment, dust, snowball jhonny, a spectre is haunting europe, pangs, braquet, brain bucket, and smeer. man thats alot i hope i didnt forget anybody.
new promo's just came in. good stuff.. thanks guys!
we got a shload of new subscribers, so today they get a shload of new music.

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todays show - pointless conversation with a grumpy trucker. saababanks, the black math expirement, domi, emit, lady white noise, julia's window, cooporate whore, tangaroa, cjacks. a nice long show full of ear blistering podsafe goodness.

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todays show - the groupy takes over the studio and plays, bad religion, chub creek music, Peeper Radio Theatre, Beer Drinking Fools, Braquet, George Hrab, and cjacks. speacial thanks to shibboleth and griddle for the great tracks we used for our show, check them out at the pod safe music network!. vote for us on podcastalley.com and keep rockin!

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todays show - Eaten By Sheiks, At Dusk, cjacks, KAPUDA, and twotwotwo.
vote for us at podcastalley.com to keep the music alive... thanks to cjacks for the cool promo! more bands should be sending in promos soon. i got a turtle head poking out!

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todays show- devin anderson, dick the flasher, saababanks, green medicine light, star spangled bastards, cjacks, and more... thanks for all the audio comments about the mac mini and podcasting, i decided to save my money and buy a mac mini. i cant wait to throw this pc out the window! a big welcome to our 60 new subscribers! vote for new music lab at podcastalley.com we need your support to keep the music alive!

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my computer is eating my podcasts. so todays bands are as pissed off as i am. reviews with the groupy this weekend, and alot of nothing. the audio comments phone line is open!

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todays show - portable punk rock today. thanks fat wreck chords! podcasting by myself so no reviews today just loud fast punk rock in your face. thanks to fat wreck chords, the pod safe music network, and a special thank you adam curry, you are the pod father!. new website is up and running. visit, subscribe, and leave audio comments. i need opinions on the mac mini, tell me what you think.

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