Saturday, November 19, 2005


todays show - the groupy takes over the studio and plays, bad religion, chub creek music, Peeper Radio Theatre, Beer Drinking Fools, Braquet, George Hrab, and cjacks. speacial thanks to shibboleth and griddle for the great tracks we used for our show, check them out at the pod safe music network!. vote for us on and keep rockin!

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GriddleKevin said...

at 06:16PM Tuesday on November 08, 2005, GriddleKevin said:

you're quite welcome, and happy that you chose to use our song

Simon Smith said...

at 01:29AM Thursday on November 10, 2005, simon said:

we are having sound problems.
show 9 will be delayed. waiting on new computer to arrive. sorry everybody.
we will be back online this weekend i have a big show planned. hey we made #8 on the most popular today list at podomatic! and #36 over all. thanks guys!
rock on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing George Hrab on the show! Cheers,