Saturday, November 19, 2005


todays show - pointless conversation with a grumpy trucker. saababanks, the black math expirement, domi, emit, lady white noise, julia's window, cooporate whore, tangaroa, cjacks. a nice long show full of ear blistering podsafe goodness.

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misspeter said...

at 12:48PM Monday on November 14, 2005, misspeter said:

Hey there, I'm digging your show! I just stumbled in via podshow's list of who else played 'dick the flasher'. I thought it was super cool to get here and find a link to my site. You rock! We should team up on something.

Simon Smith said...

at 11:25PM Monday on November 14, 2005, simon said:

Hey thanks for checking out the bands and my show.
I'm always up for some networking. drop me an email or something.

Simon Smith said...

at 02:16AM Tuesday on November 15, 2005, simon said:

p.s. today's my 29th birthday! im taking the day off and getting smashed. i got called sir at least 7 times today, when did this start? oh well back tomarrow with some great new music.
go go godzilla!