Friday, March 31, 2006

They call me the workin man...

Hey lab people...
Sorry the shows have been far and few between. Things are sucking right now but should be getting back to normal soon I hope. Been working doubles all week, got another one today and I still haven't been to sleep yet. Today is gonna suck for real... 38 hours straight through man, I doubt I will be able to record a show tonight. Such is life for the workin man eh...

It seems to me I should live my life, much better than I think I am..
That's why they call me, they call me the workin man, I guess that's what I am..
- Geddy Lee
- Rush

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NML- Something

Some bloopers and shit and some great new music.. This show don't count does it? More shownotes and links laterzzzzzzzz
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Headbangers Lab - Video podcast #1

Tonight on Headbangers Lab
Video podcast #1

-- Skum Love --
Check these guys out at for more info...

This show was the first test run at a video podcast.
Thanks for waiting while I figure this video shit out...
Rock on!
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

This weekends show will be delayed.

This weekends show will be delayed.
Having technical difficulties.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today on the New Music Lab
-- Inner Surge --
Exlusive interview on today's show..
Check out for more information.
A sneak preview of the new CD "Signals screaming"..

Tracks played from the new cd:
Track 3 - Flames in Synergy
Track 5 - Retribution Song
Track 6 - The Bottom Line
Track 9 - Wolves

I had alot of fun hanging out with Steve Moore on the show today. Innersurge is a great band with talent out the yang, and the new cd is fucking amazing! I will be working on a video cast in the next couple of weeks and hopfully I can get us a preview of the new video they have been tirelessly working on. Go check these guys out, and if you hear what I hear you'll want a copy of the new CD "Signals Screaming"...
I've got more interviews coming up soon with some bands on the other side of the world, but untill then it'll be back to the old format, looking for some great new music...
Rock on!
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The forum is down!!!

Hey all,
The forum is down for some reason, I guess they forgot to pay the bills. I'm looking for another free forum to set up right now, when I should be recording another show. What a pain in the ass!
Sorry guys, it'll be back up soon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today's featured band - Pitch Union!!!

Interview with the band on today's show...
Check them out at for more info...

More show notes later, I got another interview to do tonight.

p.s. fruitcast is down, and so was the feed for awhile. i have fixed that for now. had to bypass fruitcast servers. look at me being all tech n shit...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Simon Sucks : The Outfitter :

Simon Sucks : The Outfitter : "Simon Sucks"

Look what I found!.. Go get yours today!... That's just too cool....

Headbangers Lab - March 11th 2006

Today's show - Headbangers Lab - March 11th 2006

exclusive interview with worm box:

check them out at for more info...

other bands on the show:

  1. god forbid - better days
  2. strapping young lad - love
  3. thoughts lost - suicide rewind
  4. all for nothing - start at zero
  5. chapstick - cream of everything
  6. inner surge - retrobution song
  7. bitch to swallow - plauge
  8. the jon benet - behold the white whore
  9. in silence - btk
  10. watch them die - bastard son
i have more interviews to get done today, so more show notes and links later tonight.
thanks for subscribing, and your support.
Horns up!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today's show - This show is very special to me, because today we are featuring one of the best jam bands of my generation. the String cheese incident. No show notes needed, I played some live tracks by the band. and played Griddle "positively Jackson" as part of production.
Show your appreciation for the bands that show there support for podcasting, and check out the web site...

the String Cheese Incident

Live cheese

SCI Fidelity Records

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Clutch - Rejected...

hello simon, i was forwarded your mail. at this time i do not give permission to podcast a track.
NYC entertainment biz dude

REJECTED..... I feel so... I feel so... happy I got a reply....
but it sucks we wont be playing any CLUTCH on the show. Sometimes their hands are tied, there's nothing they can do. But I still, wont be buying any CLUTCH merchandise any time soon, and I'll bet 10,000+ downloads/listeners (and growing) agree...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Headbangers Lab - March 4th 2006

Today's show - The best of - Headbangers Lab - March 4th 2006
Tonight I wanted to recap some of the older shows, for new listeners that may just be joining us here at the lab. Plus I played a couple new tunes.

Show notes:
  • This is the HBL...
  • Today's show is...
  • Featured band info
  • Featured band
  • Start of "Best Of"
  • Band info
  • Track
  • Band info
  • Track
  • Track
  • Recap last band
  • Intro next band
  • Track
  • Track
  • Recap
  • Wrap up
  • Last band info
  • Last track
  • End
  1. 137
  2. awaiting the apocalips
  3. dark carnival
  4. early man
  5. worm box
  6. diecast
  7. despised icon
Special thanks to the bands that let us use there music for the production of the show. You know who you are, and we thank you....
I'm sending a 5 min clip of the show to Podshow Music Rewind... Maybe they need some metal to ballance out the show.. Who knows. It may get deleted the first 2 seconds, but it's atleast worth a shot, worst they can do is say fuck off right?. I'll take one for the team, fuck it.
Rocked out, rock on!

Links coming later...

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today's show - Wow 41 shows kinda jumped up on me... That's cool.. I think I'm going to put a show together showcasing the best and worst of our humble start in podcasting.
Today's show will make you kick yourself in the ear, and scream "LOUDER!!!!!!", or something like that... Check it out.

Show notes:
  • Intro "We make our own rock stars"
  • Humble beginnings
  • Pitch union reminds me of...
  • First track of the day
  • Block of 3
  • Recap
  • Verbal plugs
  • Next band!
  • Misprintz bumper
  • "Fuck the FCC"
  • Block of 2
  • Wrap up
  • Verbal plugs
  • Last track
  • PSA/Promos
  • End
The bands:
  1. pitch union
  2. brand new sin
  3. lacuna coil
  4. Diecast
  5. the fabrications
  6. eyes of fire
  7. god forbid
  8. ring of fire
  9. the deadline
  1. Willie nelson -
  2. Podcast outlaws network
  3. Zero gravity radio
  4. Fresh media works
  5. Google
Rock on.....