Saturday, March 04, 2006

Headbangers Lab - March 4th 2006

Today's show - The best of - Headbangers Lab - March 4th 2006
Tonight I wanted to recap some of the older shows, for new listeners that may just be joining us here at the lab. Plus I played a couple new tunes.

Show notes:
  • This is the HBL...
  • Today's show is...
  • Featured band info
  • Featured band
  • Start of "Best Of"
  • Band info
  • Track
  • Band info
  • Track
  • Track
  • Recap last band
  • Intro next band
  • Track
  • Track
  • Recap
  • Wrap up
  • Last band info
  • Last track
  • End
  1. 137
  2. awaiting the apocalips
  3. dark carnival
  4. early man
  5. worm box
  6. diecast
  7. despised icon
Special thanks to the bands that let us use there music for the production of the show. You know who you are, and we thank you....
I'm sending a 5 min clip of the show to Podshow Music Rewind... Maybe they need some metal to ballance out the show.. Who knows. It may get deleted the first 2 seconds, but it's atleast worth a shot, worst they can do is say fuck off right?. I'll take one for the team, fuck it.
Rocked out, rock on!

Links coming later...

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