Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today on the New Music Lab
-- Inner Surge --
Exlusive interview on today's show..
Check out for more information.
A sneak preview of the new CD "Signals screaming"..

Tracks played from the new cd:
Track 3 - Flames in Synergy
Track 5 - Retribution Song
Track 6 - The Bottom Line
Track 9 - Wolves

I had alot of fun hanging out with Steve Moore on the show today. Innersurge is a great band with talent out the yang, and the new cd is fucking amazing! I will be working on a video cast in the next couple of weeks and hopfully I can get us a preview of the new video they have been tirelessly working on. Go check these guys out, and if you hear what I hear you'll want a copy of the new CD "Signals Screaming"...
I've got more interviews coming up soon with some bands on the other side of the world, but untill then it'll be back to the old format, looking for some great new music...
Rock on!
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