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Headbangers lab - Jan.8th 2006

Todays show- Headbangers lab - Jan. 8th 2006
I forgot to upload last nights show, so I updated the show with a massive set list.
Check this shit out!

Killing Time
Way back in 1988, during the heyday of NYC hardcore, three guys named Carl, Rich, and Drago departed their band Breakdown to hook up with ex- Token Entry vocalist Anthony Comunale to form Raw Deal. As Raw Deal they released a demo and toured the US and Released a track on the benchmark Blackout! records compilation Where The Wild Things Are.

Taking influence from "Dark-Groove" masters like Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel, and Cathedral... 137 has proven themselves the new kings of the genre. Turn on a blacklight and enjoy. - Cordial Records (

All for nothing
All For Nothing is a Rotterdam based band with five members, who will not be labelled easily. Their debut album “Start At Zero” was released in July 2004 and consists of eight songs, alternating between up-tempo punkrock and finger-breaking hardcore riffs, all drenched in melody and sarcasm.

Explosive, Modern Edge Rock band UNCROWNED, was chosen by CMJ's Bobby Haber and Dick Clark as one of the 10 hottest unsigned bands in the CountryUNCROWNED are only the second independent band in the history of Hard Rock Cafe to have an instrument added to the HRC permanent memorabilia

Toasters Not Torpedoes
We are a 3 piece punk rock band from Farmington Hills, Michigan. WE JUST RELEASED A NEW CD! Its called "The Scary World of Busy Richard". If you want a copy, its free for now, so just let us know and we'll send it to you. If we have to ship it, you just pay shipping. If you already have it, pirate it like crazy, whore it out like its your mother on tuesday, or something. Anyway, thanks for checking us out, we hope to see you at a show sometime soon.

Thoughts Lost
Formed in Buffalo NY in August 2002, Thoughts Lost was created for one reason. That reason is an undying love for the music that is metal. Bridging the styles of everything heavy, and melodic minor clean parts, Thoughts Lost has become known as a band that can be brutally heavy as well .....

Tangaroa us -

The Deadly
The Deadly began in 2001 when members of some of Philadelphia's most impressive bands happened to discuss the need for something new in the city of brotherly love. With experience as members of legendary hardcore band Turmoil, they decided to fulfill this need with a new take on danger rock. Thus, The Deadly was born.Within a few months, The Deadly were holed up at Gradwell House Studios recording their debut EP, "Phantoms In The Frequencies," to be released by Hawthorne Street Records the following year. The album received great reviews comparing the band to a variety of acts such as The Jesus Lizard, Converge, The Nerve Agents, and TSOL. Soon thereafter, other commitments lead to instability in the ranks, leaving guitar player and main songwriter Jonathon Hodges (from Turmoil) and searing vocalist Rich Lippold as the only remaining members. After a regrouping period, Hodges and Lippold called on some friends to stabilize the line up welcoming drummer Jonathan Pushik (from Turmoil), guitarist Matt Hanemann (from Metroplex/ex-Sound Of Failure), and bassist Steve Turtso. After recording some new demos, the Deadly signed on with Pluto Records and headed into Skylight Studios with Vince Ratti (Hot Cross, Bury Your Dead, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer) to record their debut full-length. The Wolves Are Here Again is an all out assault on the senses, exhibiting a wide array of stylistic changes from their first release but still holding tightly to the energy and aggression they had previously developed.

The Jonbenet
The Jonbenét began in the sweltering Houston summer of 2003. The band released their first demo later that year, and following a lineup change, proceeded to release two self-released EPs in the summer of 2004 ("Five Stories Retold") and again in early 2005 (a split with The Kidnap Soundtrack). During all this time, the Jonbenét hit the road hard, traveling across the US and into Canada, building their fan base solely based on punk rock ethics and incredible word of mouth.The band soon found support from Pluto Records, and plan to release "The Plot Thickens" in July. The 8-song release is a discography of sorts, combining remastered versions of both self-released EPs recorded in the past year.The music of the Jonbenét consists of a blend of indie stylings, metallic urgencies, and a post-hardcore sense of delivery. Appealing to a vast array of listeners, they have comfortably shared the stage with a variety of bands such as The Red Chord, A Life Once Lost, Murder By Death, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Breather Resist, Dead To Fall, Codeseven, Evergreen Terrace, Fear Before The March Of Flames, and many more.The Jonbenét will again be embarking on a nationwide tour this summer.

Pink teeth
We are all about music. We release it, promote it and make people like it. Well, try at least. How's it going so far?

My Sorrow
4 dudes playing shred/death/thrash/progressive metal

Osiris Rising
Osiris Rising was conceived in 2002 by Joseph Arthur (lead guitar) and Brian Vorisek (drums). Vocalist Michael Ibarra was sought out shortly. After numerous bassists, the line-up was slolidified by Paul "Papa Middy" Arthur

We started to play together in 2004 and are now ready to take over the world (:For more info and MP3´s, check out our website:

KAPUDA is breaking grounds with music that holds no punches back...A little political and a lot of fun..KAPUDA touches on issues that are real and to the point..KAPUDA has shared the stage with:POWERMAN 5000, ACCIDENT EXPERIMENT, MANNTIS, 36 CRAZYFISTS and more..Watch out for these guys!!!!

John Moser: DrumsBlaine Rice: GuitarMatt LaCasse: VocalsEric Rittenhouse: Bass

Darque Carnival
Darque Carnival came together in May of 1999. Since that time Darque Carnival has played over 100 shows with such acts as Dope, Testament, 40 Grit, Deeds of Flesh, Nile, December, Witchery, Pissing Razors, Metalchurch and dozens more! Besides the music that Darque Carnival plays, DC has a show rich

CODED is NY's powerful female fronted original hard rock / modern metal band. CODED’s socially conscious, existence-related lyrics are delivered with a mixture of power & passion over untempered double-bass beats, sick riffs and metal-melodic bass creating thought-provoking, head-banging songs.

Damn! Thats a shload of tunes, what a set list, and the best part is, IT'S FREE!!!
If you got into any bands played on the show tonight click on the bands link and go learn more about them, or buy a cd. If you want to support this show, please fill out the survey listed under feedback on our home page. or
Send comments, questions or anything else to Mail: - Phone: 206-666-3414
Until next Saturday, or over at the NML show.....
Rock on!
Simon Smith

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