Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Todays show - Hey, it could happen..... I'm adding new tracks to the playlist. Let me know what you think, crank it or yank it? Keep it or delete it? 100% free podsafe music goodness.
If you dig what we played today, click on the band you liked the most to learn more about them, and/or buy a cd. Don't forget about the "BIG BLUE BUTTON". We need your support.

Check out these new bands.

Opus Dai
Drawing on influences from Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley to Tool, The Mars Volta and Maiden. Opus Däi embody a musical energy that have made them a must-see live band with a diverse and loyal following in their home town Los Angeles. Look for Opus Däi's debut full-length in March 2006!

George Hrab
George Hrab is a multi-instrumentalist philosopher skeptic who writes, produces and performs original material. George firmly believes that the most direct route to someone's brain is via their funny bone and dance shoes. Geo has been featured on SKEPTICALITY (full episode!) and COVERVILLE.

Crank or yank?
Onion Flavored Rings
3-piece, formed 6/01. Paul (bass/bu.vox) played in great bands like Crimpshrine & Go Sailor. Erick (drums) publishes SCAM, in addition to playing in tons of one-off bands like Chaos LR, Allergic to Bullshit, Hey Schmecky, & the legendary Chickenhead. Steve (git/vox) founded the funyons so long ago.

Keep or delete?
Escape Goats
Our lead guitarist plays the drums, two different, but equally unconventional voices sing lead vocals and our guitar player recently learned the names of all five strings on his guitar. Ideally, we'd just like to play songs that rock, and maybe amuse people a little with our witty lyrics.

What do you think? I dig it...
From the Black Hills of South Dakota to the San Francisco Bay, Creepy Sleepy Music has published and promoted artists since 2002. If you hate the Creepy Sleepy Podcast, then you'll also hate Creepy Sleepy Music! If you are of refined character, then you know that Creepy Sleepy Music means 'class.'

These guys had a great response on the last Headbangers Lab...
The Jonbenet
The Jonbenét began in the sweltering Houston summer of 2003. The band released their first demo later that year, and following a lineup change, proceeded to release two self-released EPs in the summer of 2004 ("Five Stories Retold") and again in early 2005 (a split with The Kidnap Soundtrack). During all this time, the Jonbenét hit the road hard, traveling across the US and into Canada, building their fan base solely based on punk rock ethics and incredible word of mouth.The band soon found support from Pluto Records, and plan to release "The Plot Thickens" in July. The 8-song release is a discography of sorts, combining remastered versions of both self-released EPs recorded in the past year.The music of the Jonbenét consists of a blend of indie stylings, metallic urgencies, and a post-hardcore sense of delivery. Appealing to a vast array of listeners, they have comfortably shared the stage with a variety of bands such as The Red Chord, A Life Once Lost, Murder By Death, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Breather Resist, Dead To Fall, Codeseven, Evergreen Terrace, Fear Before The March Of Flames, and many more.The Jonbenét will again be embarking on a nationwide tour this summer.

That's the show. We played a couple new tracks today. brand new to the PMN. Tell me what YOU think.
See you show 29


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