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Todays show - Screwing off a little tonight, talked about recording gear, and where to buy it, fruitcast most popular podcasts list (we made 18th and 20th yahoo!) , our email has changed, send comments and shit to (thanks dude) and played some tunes by...

UNCROWNED's Simple sick device for Sale Now! click the CD cover to buy!

Passion comes in many fo
rms, be it art, music, or poetry, and for the Atlanta-based quartet known as UNCROWNED, passion comes alive through the talents & visions of front man Stephen Bazzell, guitarist / backing vocalist Jack Andrad, bassist Stuart Clark, and drummer Scott Sellers.

Since exploding into the scene in March 2002, UNCROWNED, whose influences range from Stone Temple Pilots to Incubus, Linkin Park, and Rage Against The Machine, has molded their own distinct brand of rock that they have self-titled “Modern Edge.”

From the emotional impact of their 3 song demo(2005-Produced by Rusty Cobb- Default, SevenDust, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Injected and John Briglevich- SevenDust, Edwin McCain, DoubleDrive, 3rd Day, Stuck Mojo), UN
CROWNED reveals their penchant for crafting infectious & diverse songs that also retain the sincerity & resourcefulness of the group.
Despite the youthfulness of the band, UNCROWNED has already accumulated a number of impressive accomplishments that belies the Independent status of the group:
· UNCROWNED are only the second independent band in the history of Hard Rock Cafe to have an instrument added to the HRC permanent memorabilia collection.

· Chosen Winners of the Cabo Wabo, Hard Rock Cafe “A Shot at the Cabo Wabo” 2004 competition by Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Irving Azoff.

· UNCROWNED Landed 3 spots and 2 live performance tapings on the nationally syndicated TV show "Blind Date" that aired in 2005.

was chosen by CMJ and Dick Clark as one of the 10 hottest unsigned bands in the country in “The American Music Awards” 2003.

One shot left
"The way it makes me feel // the way it makes you smile // looking down onstage // I’m glad I’ve walked this mile // the friends we’ve made // the moments shared // when all is said and done,” reads the chorus to closing track “The Journey” on One Shot Left’s new album: Restitution. The lyrics themselves reflect the band’s anti-glamour stance and agenda for connecting with its audience, while the sonic delivery pummels the message home. Complemented by Travis Saunders’ (Maverick/Warner recording engineer) coproduction, “The Journey” and the ten other mini-epics on the band’s sophomore effort are delivered with potency.

We started to play together in 2004 and are now ready to take over the world (:
For more info and MP3´s, check out our website:

Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians
To this day it is still uncertain how Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians came to be. It is rumored Rex Stiff met Ian Balmer and Roger Mortis at Drake's Funeral Home where they all held part-time jobs.

The first known performance of Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians was in 1952 at a summer sock-hop at Westburg High School. The show was a complete failure and forever branded the band as the most vile and disgusting group of that era. This did not stop Rex or his morticians from writing songs dealing with what was considered to be lurid sex acts and extreme violence. The entire band seemed to have an insatiable love for the dead and Rex, throughout many songs, preached BDSM to a non-understanding public.

Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians continued playing shows, but to no avail. The fifties just weren't ready for them. Then, on Halloween 1958, en route to their biggest gig yet, opening for Frankie Avalon, tragedy struck. Someone from the last city they played at, cut the brake lines on their tour van. The van careened off a cliff, killing Rex, Ian and Roger instantly.

But don't fret children. Rex, Ian and Roger were not yet ready to say goodbye and their spirits returned to Drakes, waiting for an oppurtune moment to unleash their return. Exactly 45 years later, Halloween 2003, someone managed to resurrect them from the grave.

Enter Frankie Fermaldibryde, a young mortician, who at that time, was working at Drakes Funeral Home. Frankie loved music and was a beast on the guitar, but was unable to devote herself to a musical project she could truly love. In the meantime, Rex had taken note of the attractive sex pot and was unable to resist her. He found himself leaving tokens of his presence everywhere.
On October 31, 2003, Frankie was searching fro some embalming chemicals when she came across an old record. The record was Death, Dance and Decay by none other than Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians. Little did she know that record was to change her life forever.

Later that evening, a storm was brewing as Frankie took out the record and put it in her player. She immediately fell in love with the sounds she heard. It was a band she would have loved to have been a part of. At that exact moment, her house was hit with lightning. A moment later, there was a knock at her door. When Frankie answered it, who was there but Rex, Ian and Roger. That night they began rehearsing.

Nearby a strapping young alien had somehow ran off course. Suddenly, his ears picked up the most disgusting, gruesome noises he had ever heard. Zardonicus followed the sounds until her found himself outside of Frankie's house listening to Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians. Zardonicus was so intrigued with the band, he immediately threatened them to let him play his guitar along with Frankie or else he would send them all into outer space. After first hearing his chops, the band agreed. Thus a new era of Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians was born.

Many will argue that the ideas brought forth in their songs were just way ahead of the times. Now fresh from the grave (and outer space) Rex Stiff and the Kinky Morticians are back and ready to pollute the minds of this generation. So kiddies, strap on your dancing shoes because they're back!!

Reborn from dead punk/ska/what-have-you bands, BOGART! has a lot of experience to draw from. They've done all else they can stand, and have found their way home to the comfortable nook of rock n roll. Their live show has been compared to "early SNFU," and they wouldn't have it any other way: dynamic, intense, and sincere. Honest songs about minimum wage, cheap living, and all the other bullshit that's necessary to get on the stage and on the road come easy, as they spill their guts on a relatable and realistic level.

It's important to BOGART! that they find something new in their roots. That being said, BOGART! really loves the Bellrays, Motorhead, Billy Holiday, the Buzzcocks, the New BombTurks, the Browns, SNFU, the Who, and many others.

"In A Post Oil World, There Is No High Octane But For Now We Are...", the debut full length, will be released March 18 of 2006 with Meter Records.

The Plus
A hard charging live band that pulls no punches while performing an agressive, high energy, and, above all, honest show. Sound wise, The Plus borrow a little from the past and a little from the present Think: Rolling Stones, Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Velvet Underground, The Who, Sonic Youth...
and some promos.

Yeah I know I just slurpped up info from the bands web sites... But hey it works, and I'm lazy. Think of it as, one stop shopping for bands. If you like what you hear on today's show, go buy the cd, because if you don't support the musicians, the music goes away.. Thanks to ALL the bands played on today's show.. I had a fuckin' blast recording it.
Tootles folks
Rock on!

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