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Headbangers Lab - Jan 14th 2006

Todays show - Headbangers Lab - Jan 14th 2006 - Having another hard attack, check out the bands played on todays show...

awaiting the apocalypse
Awaiting the Apocalypse was formed late in the summer of 2004 by Tyler and Marcos with one vision in mind, to make the heaviest music possible. Through a couple of line up changes (between slackers and finding a drummer that could keep up), with Jon on lead guitar and Scott on the drums, A.T.A. is a force to be reckoned with.
Confirmed Kill

Taking influence from "Dark-Groove" masters like Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel, and Cathedral... 137 has proven themselves the new kings of the genre. Turn on a blacklight and enjoy. - Cordial Records (

The finest Hillbilly Heavy Metal Art Stoner Cockfight Music from Detroit Michigan via South Texas
Life In Pictures

Prepare for War
This band started october 2004 and has made a big apperence in the portland hardcore scene. For being a young band we have shared stages with make move, the warriors, six bullets, endless fight, hollow ground, the contender, reflux, a taste for murder, brutal fight, lose none, and many many more. To sum it al

HORSE the band
Stumbling out of Los Angeles, CA, HORSE the band has been many people's favorite little secret since their inception in 2000. The godfathers of the sound already coined as "Nintendo-core", they've built a sizable worldwide fan base just by being creative and having a slightly demented sense of humor. Deconstructing hardcore and metal trademarks and soaking them with a sharp tongue and inventive keyboard leads, HORSE the band has risen to the forefront of eclectic and extreme hard rock music. When HORSE the band signed with Pluto Records in early 2003, they finally got to release a debut full-length, R. Borlax, which was an immediate hit. The media picked up on the buzz as well and the band found themselves praised in the pages of some of the top music magazines such as Kerrang, Alternative Press, Terrorizer, and Rocksound just to name a few.
In the summer of 2004, the band set out on the most ambitious tour any band, big or small, could hope to accomplish. HORSE THE WORLD TOUR 2004 included 85 shows in 90 days, spanning 7 countries. One highlight was a jaw-dropping performance at Hellfest in July, which was characteristic of the whole tour which turned out to be a huge success. An offer from Combat Records soon followed, and HORSE the band seized the opportunity to take things to a new level. The band found themselves in Seattle recording with producer/engineer Matt Bayles (Botch, Norma Jean, Mastodon) and produced what's sure to be a huge follow-up to R. Borlax. The album will be called "The Mechanical Hand" and is scheduled to hit stores this fall through Combat Records.Catch HORSE the band on tour all summer, and making another appearance on this year's Hellfest!

Trauma Concept
Formed in April 2001, Trauma Concept came together for one thing - their love of metal. Ever since, they've become known not only for their "enormously heavy" sound, but for their high intensity shows as well. With members from Texas, New York, and Massachusetts, this Framingham, Ma. based metal band has fused all of their influences into an original, focused, attack. The result is the double bass assault of Derek Jay on drums, the searing vocals of newly added frontman Trey Holton, John Jones' guitar riffs that go from blistering, to down right brutal breakdowns, and Scott Heron delivering an evil, damaging rumble from the bass. Thus, creating their own distinct sound that Boston SoundCheck Magazine describes as "..potent, throbbing, enormously heavy music". Since their debut release, "The End of Denial"(2002) [recorded by Adam D. of KillSwitch Engage (Roadrunner Records artists)], the band has been a non-stop powerhouse, gaining a nationwide fanbase. With performances at large festivals such as GWAR-B-Que (w/Lamb Of God), Milwaukee MetalFest (w/Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nile), & Locobazooka (w/Black Label Society, Hatebreed, Disturbed), Trauma Concept has proven their ability to win over and "own" crowds of any size. Combine these accomplishments with constant touring, and the fact that the band had only been around for a year and a half when these accomplishments were made, and you can plainly see that Trauma Concept is unarguably one of the hardest working bands out there. Surely one to keep your eyes and ears on! With the addition of being part of MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest", the response to the band has been overwhelming, and brought worldwide requests for them to pass through new areas. One thing is for sure - This band will continue to play more shows in a broader area for an increasingly larger audience. Overall, Trauma Concept will prove to you that metal is here, it’s been improved, and there’s no stopping it.

As always if you like what you hear on todays show, go check them out and buy a cd, because if you don't support musicians, the music goes away.
I'll finish the show notes and links in the morning, my ass is numb from sitting in the same spot for 3 hours...
Rock on!
Can you hear me now!?!
Simon Smith

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