Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Todays show - I'm feeling much better today. High on life and flu medicine and I can't remember what I played on todays show... I think I played ...

The Misprintz
The long awaited follow-up from THE MISPRINTZ is finally here! Imperfect Harmony features 7 tracks that'll have you shakin' your ass, movin' your feet, and singing along to some "F*** yeah!" Rock and Roll Music. The album is exclusively available on CDBABY.COM.

Thee Minks
Formed in 2001 by guitarist / vocalist Hope Diamond and bassist / vocalist Liz Lixx, Thee Minks burst out of the garage and onto the stage, steaming up bar windows up and down the East Coast with their infectious Ronettes-meets-the-Ramones-by-way-of-Radio-Birdman stomp. After solidifying their line-up with the addition of drum whore extraordinaire The Playthang, the band headed back into the studio to add another notch to their rock and roll bedpost, resulting in the 14 tough and sexy bittersweet rock and roll nuggets that make up their first full length CD, Are You Ready Now?

Eaten By Sheiks
Sorry! The update of the biography is in progress! In the meantime please visit for more information: &

Third Fire
In 2002 a trio of musicians played at the only bar in Bend , Oregon that allowed loud rock bands. Drunken guys still in their work clothes, committed players of lotto machines, pool sharks, and people on their way around the dance floor toward the bartender wondered about the volume and the noise. A classic rock station could still be heard through the house speakers between live songs performed on stage.
In the midst of this chaos, unknown to the trio, stood Joe Lokteff co-owner of Piggyback Records. He was listening to the band -- intently. Unknown to the band he came back to listen to other sets on other days.
The band signed with the record label shortly thereafter.
Members since 2002 Dylan, Josh, and Craig brought old friend, Jeremy into the band in 2004 to play bass.
Today Third Fire drives heavy beats with original, highly melodic and progressive metal riffs with lyrics that promote world consciousness and self-awareness, while giving the audience a hard hitting, original style performance that demands attention in even the nosiest venues.

We started to play together in 2004 and are now ready to take over the world (:For more info and MP3´s, check out our website:

The Plus
A hard charging live band that pulls no punches while performing an agressive, high energy, and, above all, honest show. Sound wise, The Plus borrow a little from the past and a little from the present Think: Rolling Stones, Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Velvet Underground, The Who, Sonic Youth...

" Wiskey Dust" is the winner of the NML fan pic of the week. Who will be next?
Recorded a promo for The Tech Tap Podcast go check them out....
Had alot of fun with todays show. Can't wait for v32.
Rock on... and on.... and on....

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