Sunday, January 08, 2006


Todays show - The email said I didn't talk enough, so I talked about a bunch of nothing and played some great tunes and band promos.

The Black Math Experiment
The Black Math Experiment does not exist! It is purely a fiction dreamed up by intellectual masturbators of the lower orders. No, I do not have the means to gainsay these so called “discoveries”. They are too fantastic to be discussed in more learned circles. Arithmancy, indeed. Pay them no mind!

The Misprintz
The Misprintz are a well-oiled 4 piece strategic Rock and Roll machine which features 3 main songwriters and 4 unique personalities that create a fun and exciting stage show. The MISPRINTZ have been around for 2 years and have released 2 albums to become one of LA's hottest emerging bands.

Faster Faster Harder Harder
We are Faster Faster Harder Harder, a Baltimore-based rock band. We play music that works to build intensity out of simple ideas. Stemming from punk and indie influences, we make music that's fun to play but that carries some weight with it; music that aims to combine tight rhythms with inventive melodies,

The Hillbilly Casino
The Hillbilly Casino features Nashville rockabilly pioneers Nic Roulette (ex - Blue Moon Boys) Geoff Firebaough (ex - BR5-49) Ronnie Crutcher (bassist for Brian Setzers "Rockabilly Riot" gigs) and Andrew Dickson (drummer for Matthew Ebel) "D On Drums." Get rockin'!!!

Thee Minks
Formed in 2001 by guitarist / vocalist Hope Diamond and bassist / vocalist Liz Lixx, Thee Minks burst out of the garage and onto the stage, steaming up bar windows up and down the East Coast with their infectious Ronettes-meets-the-Ramones-by-way-of-Radio-Birdman stomp. After solidifying their line-up with the addition of drum whore extraordinaire The Playthang, the band headed back into the studio to add another notch to their rock and roll bedpost, resulting in the 14 tough and sexy bittersweet rock and roll nuggets that make up their first full length CD, Are You Ready Now?

The Plus
A hard charging live band that pulls no punches while performing an agressive, high energy, and, above all, honest show. Sound wise, The Plus borrow a little from the past and a little from the present Think: Rolling Stones, Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Velvet Underground, The Who, Sonic Youth...The Everydays Pop-o-matic the way pop was intended- for mature (?) adults (and a few enlightened kids). Really...Enough with the muscle guy hardcore. Harmonies from the heavens and melodies from Mars. Think: REM (if Michael Stipe wasn't such a wuss), Nick Cave, tame Pavement...

So how do you like the new mobile show?
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Hillbilly Casino said...

Thanks for playing the Hillbilly Casino!!!! The New Music Lab kicks ass!!!!

Keep rockin'!!!