Monday, January 23, 2006


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Today's show - Chillin' out with the guys from The Tech Tap podcast, go check them out! -[Plug]-
Answered a few questions, addressed a schedule issue and played some ear candy from the PMN. Only the best!

Delivering a sound that is best described as adventurous, Junkstar merge old school funk with new tech' tricks to make their music both contemporary and classic funk.

Think James Brown, think Grove Armanda and you're getting close.

american anthem
American Anthem is Cliff Calabro, Christy Calabro, Joey Andriaccio, & Lisa Rav. After touring the nation with Poison's Bret Michaels, they quickly aquired a legion of dedicated fans nationwide. The band recently signed with Indie label Fastlane records and will release thier debut cd in Jan of 2006.

American Heartbreak
From San Francisco, CA. Bass Player, Michael Butler also does the Rock and Roll Geek Show

What's the band best known for?

SMEER have released their 2nd full length CD “Dischord” and sales have been great, over 2500 copies sold so far with little promo involved. The first single “DOWN” was up to #4 on the Top30 chart in NB in only 3 weeks of it entering the chart. Smeer headl

50 foot wave
The new band from Throwing Muses' founder Kristin Hersh. Harder, faster and more intense than the Muses, 50 Foot Wave is Kristin's pure release.

Had a great time with the show today, If you dig what you hear on the show, go buy the cd, because if you don't support the musicians, the music goes away..
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