Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today's show:
Something different, Reaching way back into the experimental and progressive rock genre for bands that aren't afraid to push the envelope, and do something different. Every tack on today's show has it's own unique flavor, just take your pick.

Show notes:
  • Intro by "The hillbilly casino"
  • Promo/Intro "FM radio can stick it"
  • Show info
  • Bands....
  1. Griddle
  2. tantrum
  3. Trespass
  4. Dick The Flasher
  5. twotwotwo
  6. HORSE the band
  7. Pilotdrift
  8. The Reverse Engineers
  9. Sinch
  10. Devin Anderson
  • Wrap up with Devin Anderson
  • Promos
  • End
That's it y'all.. I had a great time with this one. My favorite genres are experimental and progressive rock and I was really excited about the bands on today's show. Even if it's not your cup o' tea, you have to admit every one of these bands had their own distinct sound. Definitely not cookie cutter bands.
See ya next show.
Rock on!

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