Sunday, February 12, 2006

Headbangers Lab - Feb 11th 2006

Today's show - Headbangers Lab - Feb 11th 2006
It's actually the 12th but the show was recorded on the 11th. I never get these out by Saturday.
Check out the bands on today's show, and if you dig it buy it!

Show notes:
  • This is the HBL fuckers.....
  • Set list and DC info
  • The bands
  1. Dark Carnival
  2. Skum love
  3. Makeshift3
  4. Converge
  5. Manchurian Candidates
  6. Tangaroa
  7. 137
  • NML promo is in there somewhere
  • Wraped up with 137
This is the new format for the show notes, it's quicker to do than the copy and pasting all day.
If you liked what you heard you don't need to remember names, just remember when it was played on the show and click on it here. I might start calling out track numbers in the show for reference. Subscribe to hear the whole show, it's worth it!
Rock on!

P.S. Here's my blog for show fuck up's, bloopers, odd shit, and everything else that doesn't fit into a music podcast.

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