Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Todays show - I'm back and ready to rock! Next year I'm getting a flu shot...
Trying to simplify the shownotes, it's taking way too long to copy and paste everything (yeah I am that lazy) .
  • Talked for a few about the flu
  • Some cool stuff going on with the show
  • Clip from question played on DSC
  1. Coheed and Cambria
  2. Boysetsfire
  3. Alexisonfire
  4. Endicott
  5. Armor For Sleep
  6. Converge
  7. Bane
  8. The Hope Conspiracy
  9. Silent Drive
  10. Shift
  • Wrap up
  • Promos
  1. Fresh Media works
  2. The Tech Tap
  3. The Roadhouse
  4. The Musicians cooler
  5. Pod Trippin'
  6. The Podcast Outlaws Network
  7. NML

Rock on!


thetechtap said...

Coheed and Cambria is the fucking best cd ever. the newest one is like a cross from there music and pink floyd.

Simon Smith said...

They rule don't they? Wish I knew how to pronounce it. I think it's like came-brea. I really got into Boy Sets Fire too. Played them right after Coheed and Cambria. They really got a Fugazi influenced style, and I loves me some Fugazi...