Sunday, February 26, 2006

Headbangers Lab - Feb 25th 2006

Today's show - Headbangers Lab - Feb 25th 2006
Featured band - Early man!
Featured record label - Cyclone records

Show notes:
  • This is the HBL fuckers...
  • Featured band
  • Welcome to HBL
  • Block of tunes
  • Recap and intro next block
  • Block of tunes
  • Recap and special thanks
  • Intro next block of tunes
  • Recap
  • Wrap up
  • Last track
  • End
  1. Early man
  2. Worm box
  3. A hint of malice
  4. Black sky
  5. Inspected by 40
  6. Inner surge
  7. Tempered
  8. Verbal deception
  9. In silence
  10. 137 (Hail 137!)
Damn I love this gig man, the bands on today's show melted my ipod!!!
You can find a link to Early man and the new video at the HBL's sister site
Check there for some interviews coming soon....
!!Rock on!!

I will be giving HBL a face lift in the next couple of weeks, hang in there while I fuck things up.

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